“I just booked my 1st paying coaching client!!”

“Thank you for helping me align my life and business with my heart. Working with Mariana helped me feel centred and balanced! This is the first year I don't feel all stressed out and actually get to enjoy my family. Because of all Mariana thought me I now spend a lot of time with my daughter, boyfriend and traveling a lot. I love that she helped me with the content and how to approach prospects. I feel I’m developing in a major way spiritually and embracing who I truly am. I’m finally myself without worrying what 'people might think’.”

Kim van den Broek - Creative Coach, Neetherlands


“I met Mariana in a moment I was in doubt about making a big shift in my business. With Mariana I felt deeply understood, free to open myself and show any weaknesses. She has a sweet way to listen to you, your thoughts and your emotions. Working together she helped me shift my mindset and I could finally accept the changes that my soul were craving. I immediately felt relaxed, in peace and very grounded in my feminine confidence. Because of her, I was able to change my vision and jumped into a new direction with an open heart and short after that I signed my first online coaching client!

Pasqualina Santoro - Transformational Coach, Milan Italy


“Mariana is an incredible, intuitive, very knowledgeable coach. I've been around a lot of Coaches and she is the real deal. She has the patience, the wisdom, she is very global, very worldly, she knows a lot about Brand Strategy and Storytelling. I came to her and I was struggling in a bit of isolation and I needed to have more information on how to connect my brand to my audience and she was able to hold my energy when I was in a very dark place to helping me get my brand aligned, so I can communicate with the story that had nuggets and gems I didn't recognize. It was a really awesome deep dive and Mariana was there for me when I needed to go inside into a deeper darker spot.”

Jane Morba - Empowerment Coach, New Jersey, USA


"Before being coached by Mariana, I was not clear about the big why and true purpose behind my coaching business. As a multi-passionate entrepreneur I was struggling with putting all the puzzle pieces together into a bigger vision, and to really understand the mission of my work. Mariana is an incredibly intuitive and empathetic coach with a very powerful way to see what is going on inside of you. Ever since I met her I felt that she is truly gifted and capable of helping people transform their lives. She is so loving yet clear and focused that she helped me to go deeper finding out my higher calling. I feel so blessed, grateful, aligned and connected to my true self. Mariana inspired me in a profound meaningful way and I‘m feeling even more passionate now!!"

Jutta Amera - Spiritual Birth Coach, Cologne Germany


“Before  working with Mariana, I was in a place where I literally did not believe that my gifts and talents could actually be achievable to do bigger and greater things. So Mariana was able to make things really simple for me and I've felt like I've just complicated everything. She got into the mindset and actually took it back to the root of the problem. She has this gift of really unlocking the true essence of who we are and she also was able to make me feel confortable with the fact that the next steps were going to be amazing. I’m in a place now where I've taken action and I had some interesting divine appointments happen straight after working with Mariana.”

 Daniela Ion, Mindset Coach and Performing Artist, Adelaide Australia


“I highly recommend working with Mariana if you need help to start or grow your business or if you feel stuck between your passion and a 9 to 5 job and you don’t know to how to balance them or choose between them. If you want to feel energized and motivated, she’s your girl! The coaching we did together gave me valuable hints on how to structure my business, how to better define goals, the niche products I can offer and the importance of my work, profiling my target markets and how to share my personal story in such a way that it can help and be an inspiration to others. She is a great listener and very empatic able to give you that energy kick naturally. Her success story and “can do” attitude motivated me to do more of my real passion.” 

Irina Luchian - Illustrator and Graphic Artist, Düsseldorf Germany


“Mari can truly change destinies!! Without her maybe I would not have been a singer. She saw in me not just a quality, but more. She made me take clear steps in pursuing my dream and most importantly through her own example from her life, she inspires me. She leads by example. She knew how to pull the passion out of me and guide me, helping me get to my core, find out what my professional dreams are, combine them with my private goals and make the necessary steps to achieve that. She is my go-to coach when I need to make smart decissions and take immediate action in my life.” 

Irina Marinas - Opera Singer and Performing Artist, Vienna Austria



“Mariana is an ideal Coach. She has a strong focus on taking intentional action, understanding the big picture and knows not only how business works, but how to make it flourish. When you couple this with her strength to understand your inner passion, your gifts and connects your 'being with your doing' she creates the connection for you to achieve even greater success.”

Elena Robertson - Leadership Coach, Brisbane Queensland, Australia


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