Kickstart Your Dream Biz.

From Dream Biz. To Your First Paying Clients in 90-days

How to turn your passions into a business that gives you more freedom and flexibility even if you don’t know from where to start

90-days Private Coaching with Mariana Aspru


Are you feeling stuck between your passions and your job? 

Do you have a burning desire to create a business on your passions and share your unique gifts with the world?

  • Do you feel stuck and unfulfilled in your job or business, wishing you were doing something more meaningful?

  • Dreaming to travel more, feel free, work from your laptop, have time for your passions and earn more money?

  • Wishing you had the confidence and knowledge to know where to start or how to get your first paying clients?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place.

If you’re lucky maybe you already have a website, but you’re not getting clients with it or you didn’t even start, but you have this big burning desire inside to make a difference as a coach, consultant or creative.

If this is you, you are in the right place. So keep reading because...


Hey there.

I’m Mariana Aspru and I’ve been where you are.

There was a time when I was stuck in a job, trying out my passions on the side, feeling the same way as you feel. After moving abroad, I worked from bottom to the top from an intern to an urban planner, graphic designer, business development, sales assistant manager to a brand team leader. But somehow I still felt I'm meant for more. So, I built a passion based business on the side to fulfil my creative passions, make an impact, work from home and travel the world.

Once I decided to be unavailable to build somone's else dream without fulfiling my values and aspirations, things started shifting fast. I quickly turned my skills and talents into a successful business and in just a few months I was already working with over 20 clients such as Grammy Award Winning artists and Forbes leaders while winning international Branding contests, making multiple 5K$-10K$ and traveling the world.

A few years later I coach others do the same because you deserve to live your purpose and live life on your terms. Whether you’re unhappy in your job and want to start a passion business, have more freedom, travel more, make an impact or you know it’s time to grow your business into a coaching business to make a bigger impact and get those first 2 paying clients, break through fears and visibility this is for you. 


Giving myself permission to be who I knew I’m meant to be changed my life

I‘ve been able to move from Romania to Germany to be invited to Hollywood and pursue my dreams, visiting +35 countries and by age 29 I built a passion based business working from home and traveling the world helping others do the same.  


And if you’re like me, I get it.

I know it’s scary to take the leap and most of it to put yourself out there. I was afraid too, especially because I wasn’t sure if I was ready

But what I know for sure is that if you wait longer, you’ll never be ready. 

Successful people are fast action takers who are willing to take risks. Before anything, you must believe that you are meant for it. When you believe it and are committed to make it happen, when you open yourself to receive the help, the Universe will open the doors for you to succeed in the most unexpected and creative ways.



What if I told you that...

instead of struggling, feeling stuck, being afraid or overwhelmed, you could: 

  • launch your passion business and get your first high-end paying clients in the next 90-days

  • stop hoping and praying and actually put yourself in the game and get those clients 
  • make a difference in people lives with your great work and get well paid for it
  • create a sustainable exit plan whether you want to escape your 9-5 or move to a new biz
  • stand out from the crowd and create a brand that represents who you are   
  • get the clarity you need on your message and connect with your ideal clients
  • master the art of selling with confidence and ease without feeling pushy or sale-sy



"We picked Mariana Aspru as a winner who then flew to LA to work on our branding. Mariana understands the core of a branding concept and brings it to life. Her positive attitude only adds to the fun you can have to bring a brand to fruition."  







But don't just listen to me, here's what they say

"Mariana helped me transform my mindset, get clear and unlock the essence of who I am"


You deserve to live life on your terms

That is why I created from Dream Business To Yor First High-end Paying Clients. This is a 90-day Personal Coaching for new or aspiring coaches and creatives ready to launch their signature package and get their first high-end paying clients.

In the 90-day coaching program you’ll:

  • Discover what's your special souce that will make you different then everyone else

  • Have complete clarity and confidence in what you’re meant to do and your message

  • Create the right high-end offers that will make your clients line up to work with you

  • Learn how to price your offers, so you can make sure you’ll get clients and get paid

  • Know where to find your first high-end paying clients even if nobody heard about you

  • Map out a step by step action plan to attract your ideal clients without overwhelm

  • Find out how to market yourself effectively without spending 24hours online or networking

  • Build an online brand that fully represents who you are in days or weeks and not in months

  • Connect and sign your first high paying clients authentically without feeling iki, pushy or sale-sy


But this is not for everyone. 

This is for you if: 

  • You’re an action taker ready to put yourself out even if you’re afraid
  • You like doing the work, you just need an action plan to make it happen
  • You’re ready to break through fears and self-doubt once and for all
  • You’re motivated and committed to get your first high-end paying clients
  • You’re coachable, open for change and for personal development
  • You believe you can be one of the rare people who succeed in biz.

This is not for:

  • the know-it-alls, complainers, people with excuses
  • the ones not committed to open, change and grow
  • the ones not ready for transformation
  • the ones expecting the work to be done for them
  • the ones that are not willing to invest in themselves

Here's what's included

This package is designed for big hearted aspiring and new creative entrepreneurs and coaches who desire to reconnect with their passions and make a difference in the world while getting their first high-end paying clients. During our time together you'll get:

  • A welcome pack questionnaire, so I can get to know you and learn about your story and desires from the start
  • 2 hours Video call intensive to start with, so you can get the clarity you need right from the start
  • 10 weekly one hour Video call private personalized coaching sessions over the course of 3 months
  • Email/Chat support for urgent questions to ensure that your questions are answered and you can move forward with ease
  • Worksheets and homework to support you in the development of specific areas when needed
  • Recommended reading materials to help you in your personal and professional growth
  • Personal resources, online tools, templates and scrpits to easily get online, create your own content and start attracting clients

90-day Personal Coaching Investment

Ready to get your business off the ground and get your first high-end paying clients? Then pick your best option below. 



€2997 (SAVE €300)


3 X €1099


If you are ready to see if working together is a good fit, feel free to book a free clarity call with me. During the call we'll be exploring where you are at, where you want to be, what's holding you back and whether this program is right for you.


This is for the action taker ready to get their first high-end clients

If you don't take action, then you'll probably remain stuck and spin your wheels for another couple of months until you have no other option then giving up on your dream.

But not you. You know you can break from fear and self-doubt once and for all. You're ready to start living the life you desire. 

Just picture this. You've just got on a call with a dream client and you're excited and a little nervous. Before you even finish the call, you hear: "when can we start?". You smile, pour yourself a glass of rose and celebrate. A few minutes later you see another message from a dream client coming in. That’s what this program will help you create.

Are your ready to get your DREAM BIZ. off the ground?