My dear new coach, 

Are you strugglING to get people to respond to your message




  • How to align to my true purpose?

  • How to know for sure what is my purpose and who I am meant to serve?

  • How can I deliver my message clearly like I see in my mind? 

  • How to put my message in a nutshell without having to type a long explanation?

  • What others will say about me and speak about me if I speak up my mind?

  • Or do you feel like you have several messages and don't know how to pick from them?

If any of these sound like you, you are in the right place. 


You Are Invited

FOR this special COACHING INTENSIVE MEET ME IN my cozy home in DÜSSELDORF GERMANY or on location in Dubai to support you in turning from stuck to invincible.

If you cannot attend then you also have the chance to meet me virtually on Skype and spend the time together from the comfort of your home. The choice is yours.  

In this special time, we can talk anything that makes you feel stuck, lost, less confident, insecure or unclear in your brand, your message, your strategy or in your own life. I’m here to support you gain clarity, become confident and move towards your dreams with joy and ease.  



Get Visible. Accelerate Your Growth

giving yourself the gift of 4 hours of coaching means accelarating your growth in one day instead of a 4 week package of coaching.


I'm here to support and guide you, not only by asking you questions and actively listening you, but also by teaching you strategies and providing you resources to stay balanced and move forward faster and easier. 

This will help you get focused, clear and move forward to reaching your dreams. In this time together you can gain clarity on who you are and what you have best to offer or on how to create a brand you love around the lifestyle you desire and one that positions you as an expert in the market, so you can share your passion with the world, make an impact authentically and get fast results.

This is your opportunity to learn not only what to do, but also how to do it, so you can have more time, more freedom and claim your worth.   


You get

  • A welcome pack questionnaire to fill in, so we can use our time together focusing only on you

  • 4 hours coaching with me on any of your goals and dreams you have from my home in Düsseldorf Germany (only 2 spots available for January)

  • or from Dubai JW Marriott (only if you reserve by 27.01.2018 - SOLD OUT)

  • + 60 minutes follow up to ensure that you are making progress and can move forward with ease

  • If you're not able to travel the intensive will be available via Skype

  • Plus one hour lunch and afternoon tea/coffee with snacks will be provided if we meet in person

Click the button below to reserve your spot now.


Just Imagine

WHAT this can DO FO YOU

  • align your brand with your highest vision and get clear on your core message

  • get clear on your desires, goals, dreams and have a clear action plan on how to achieve them

  • discover your blocks to overcome any fears that might keep you stuck or small

  • get clear who your ideal client is, the struggles and desires she/he has that you can help

  • know how to package your services, so your ideal client will be happy to invest in you

  • know what’s your hearts story of connection that will attract your audience on an emotional level

  • learn social media strategies for growth that you can implement right now to grow your fans and followers

  • find out what makes you unique discovering your why and your unique value proposition

  • leave out with an action plan that will move you towards your path to success

Ready to say YES to receiving support?


This is your chance

It's your day to refine your brand, redesign your life or rediscover your uniqueness. It’s your day to shape your story, discover and connect to your target market. It’s time to not only connect to your dreams and create an action plan to achieve them, but also to receive the emotional support you are craving for, to live your own breakthrough and get faster results. 

Let me ask you this:

When was the last time you said yes to your desires? When did you let yourself stop for a moment and give yourself permission to receive support?  When was the last time you’ve been truly listened, guided and got support from a mentor to help you reach your real dreams?

If you don't take action, then you'll probably return into feeling isolated, unclear on your identity and spin your wheels around for another couple of years until you have no other option then returning to a regular job or remain still stuck in your job. 

But not you.


You know you can break from fear and self-doubt once and for all, give yourself permission to shine your light and get support to discover your true message.

Click the button bellow and let's get started! 


$1297 (save ~$200)


3 X $497


Then book a free clarity call with me and let's see how I can best help you. Please note that this is not a free coaching call, this is simply a free conversation to see if we are a good fit to working together or not. No hard feelings, I'm more than happy to get to know you.