If you still have questions. here are some of the most asked questions I get:

+ I haven’t started my business yet. Can I still work with you?

Yes, you can. In fact starting a business the right way will save you money, time and energy and get faster to achieving results. A business from the ground up to attract your first clients, would take about 6 months, so I only take clients on a 6 month program.

+ What other investments should I expect to pay for?

You’ll want to plan money to invest in having your graphic and web design done for you and I strongly recommend investing in a technical support assistant. One thing that I learned is that if you wait for the perfect moment and circumstances, you’ll only loose more time and money in the process until getting the support you need. As faster as you do it, as faster you succeed.

+ When can I expect to make my money back or have my first 5k-10k month?

Everyone's journey is different and that depends a lot on your commitment, dedication and how open you are for expanding yourself to attract success. As anywhere in life, there are no guarantees, but I can assure you that you can do it if you follow the coaching and commit to your transformation.

+ Do you offer refunds?

As I put my heart and soul, my energy and dedication to guide you to your success, the results will depend very much on your focus, priorities and the level of commitment. I believe everyone's time is precious and you’ll get a lot of value from our coaching, so I do not offer refunds. The type of person who reaches success goes in with all heart and makes it a non-negotiable to her/his success.

+ How often are my sessions with Mariana?

We will have sessions each week, so you can receive accountability and support without getting stuck in the process. Of course if you have unexpected events coming up, you can announce and we reschedule the remained time for a following week.

+ Is there anything else included in the program?

Yes it is. You will get a Dropbox folder where you can download and upload the worksheets and weekly check in sheets. I will also give you personal feedback on your logo, branding, website, copy, visuals to support you connect and attract the right clients. I’ll be a coach, consultant and a collaborative partner.

Also if you aim to get in the VIP program, you’ll also get your design elements done by my creative team with my personal guidance.

+ Can I pay in rates?

Because I want to make this as available as possible to you, I also offer a payment option. This way you can plan your finances and resources in advance, having the opportunity to also invest in other things that are important for your business at the same time.

+ What makes this different from other programs?

If you are looking to get an intuitive, sensitive, strategical practical and motivational approach, than you are in the right place. I believe in quality and practicality the same as I believe in saving time and creating great results. Although quality takes more time to be achieved, saving time is essential to achieve your dreams. As I literally came from nothing, I discovered a method that can combine both: get quality results in a time manner. I created my entire life on my own way: from outgrowing an illness with the power of mindset, turning bully and fear into unshakable core confidence, from pulled away from passions to choosing my passion, from undervalued in my 9-5 job to funding and starting my business by age 27 in a new country, from 300$ projects to signing Hollywood celebrities at 5K to 10K months, from no clients to happy clients, from a simple girl who never fit in, born in a small city to moving abroad and traveling to more than 14 countries and more than 100 cities as an entrepreneur.

Although are a lot of great coaches out there, I know for sure that nobody has the unique mix of experience and strategy I bring in to help you succeed. I invest in myself constantly. I don’t stop on one program, I constantly evolve. Growth is for me like breathing air, if I stop, I am breathless. So it’s just my nature to keep constantly moving, changing and adapting to grow and achieve the next quantum leap of success and I want this for you too. Not only that I’m a trained coach, but I also have 5 years of running my own branding business and +20 years of personal development under my belt. This is your opportunity to get 1:1 personalized attention on you and your own unique needs. If you are done struggling to attract clients, putting energy and effort that at the end of the day lets you burned out, then it’s time to invest in yourself and the growth of your brand.

+ How do I get started?

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