60-min Biz. Alignment Strategy Session


with Biz Coach, Award Winning Celebrity Brand Consultant & Speaker, Mariana Aspru


Dear Coaches and Consultants

Life Coaches, Wellness Coaches, Brand Consultants & other Spiritual Entrepreneurs



  • Are you struggling to get your message out there? 

  • Even after getting your website ready or after getting in cookie cuter online training programs?

  • Still stuck in that unfullfiling job or side hustle?

    I get it so keep on reading because…

Hi. I’m Mariana Aspru

I’ve been there. I remember when I was struggling to attract my ideal clients to my brand. I went in circles for almost 9 months, second guessing and feeling stuck, almost ready to pack in and give up. It wasn’t until I discovered the secret of successful brands and suddenly everything changed. In just a few months I went from $300 to $10K months. Not only that I quit my job to work online from home and travel the world, but I was finally helping the right women I was meant to help. Today I'm coaching women over the world online from home, speaking on international stages alongside one of my mentors Gina Devee. But more than the achievements, what excites me the most is helping women like you live your purpose. You deserve to be seen, heard and highly valued for your work and I’m here to help you out.


Just because you’re part of my tribe movement of fully aligned women, I’d like to invite you to:

A Complimentary 60-min Biz. Alignment Strategy Session where you’ll discover:

  1. the 5 things that are holding you back from attracting the right clients or any clients to your brand +

  2. YOU’LL learn for free the nr #1 thing you can do right now to move forward with confidence and ease

One time only offer. No obligation.

I’m here to help you out. You’ll walk away with:

  • the clarity of what keeps you stuck, so you can move forward with ease

  • understand what are the 5 things that are holding you back, so you can know what to focus on

  • learn the number #1 thing that you can do right now, to boost your brand to get well paid doing what you love while working less and helping your ideal clients more

  • see if we are a right fit to support you further in your journey

But this is not for everyone

While I'd love to help everyone, it will be a diservice to my clients who pay me thousends to work with me. I value everyones time and because I put my heart and soul into every person I help, I require an application process.

SO Click the button below and fill out the application to see if you qualify for a Free Biz. Alignment Strategy Session


Available to apply only by Friday 3rd of may 2019

Fill out your application now. (3 spots left for the first action takers)

Calendar opens next week and if you qualify you’ll be announced by email.