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Brand Strategy Package: It's for someone who knows her/his passion and has a basic idea of a vision. I normally structure it in 7 core brand pillars, but as I said, the process is circular and holistic including Success coaching. So you will start increasing your following gradually, as well of your opportunities:


1.  Getting you clear on your vision

2. Discovering your message/your mission which goes in connection with your story. Helping you discover and craft the story of your heart - the reason why you do what you do - the way to put in words the challenges you've faced and how you transformed that into who you are today in a story with the purpose to inspire, motivate and connect with your audience on an emotional level.

3. Find out your core values that your brand stands for. This is also the moment we get into understanding your core audience and how to start connecting with them.

4. Discover what differentiates you from competition, your unique value proposition

5. Have a defined tone and voice for your brand

6. Discovering your Brand essence: your personality, promise, style & feel, photography style and anything that creates the base of the visual idea of your brand -> where you can start putting the plan for design in action

7. Creating a clear brand management plan that will help you know how to be consistent, grow your social media and basically creating the campaign for your voice to heard and your message to be shared with confidence and on purpose. This is when you should reach your goals in sales.


3. Brand Design Package: Typically the Design process is structured in:

1.  Logo creation

2. Business Card design

3. Style Guide Brand Book creation that includes all design touch points: Logo, Color Palette, Typography, Patterns, Photography, Social Media Graphics, Website, Design rules

4. Website design (up to 5 pages in Squarespace)