About Mariana Aspru

Mariana Aspru is a Creative Entrepreneur turned Spiritual Biz. Coach and multi-award winning Brand Expert, who left her 9-5 job for freedom on her own terms several years ago.

After transforming from a shy entrepreneur trading hours for dollars to quickly become a go-to brand expert and a coach with a rare experience of 8 years in personal branding, messaging and a lifetime of mindset work born from her first spiritual awakening at the age of 7 that led her on a journey of intutive self-healing and transformation, she dedicated her life to helping other sensitive coaches transform and succeed. Her life journey took her from Romania to Germany to LA to pursue her dreams, going from $300 per client to $10,000 in her first entrepreneurial years while building the business of her dreams. She believes that anyone can do it with the right mindset, a clear message and a manifest action plan.

By using her own experience and the learnings she got from her mentors, she helps sensitive new coaches clarify their message and create fully aligned coaching packages, so they can start working with the people they are meant to help. Some of her clients include spiritual, mindset and life coaches to creative coaches and Grammy Award Winning Stars.