About Mariana Aspru

Mariana Aspru is a Business Coach, Multi Award-Winning Brand Expert and Creative Entrepreneur with a rare experience of 8 years in personal branding, 6 in business and a lifetime of mindset work.

After transforming from a husteling shy entrepreneur spinning her wheels trading hours for dollars to quickly become a go-to brand expert and a coach, she dedicated her life to helping entrepreneurs transform and succeed. Her life journey took her from Romania to Germany to Hollywood to pursue her dreams and went from 300$ per client to up to 12,000$ in her first entrepreneurial years while building a business she loves. She believes that anyone can do it with the right mindset, brand and business strategy once they are true to their highest gifts.

By using her own unique experience and the learnings she got from her 7 figure mentors, she helps women step into the role of a consultant or coach, so they can leverage their time and earn more with greater ease, doing what they love. Some of her clients include Graphic Designers, Photographers, Musicians, Spiritual souls turned Coaches to Forbes Leaders and Grammy Award Winning Stars.



My story

My spiritual journey started at a very early age. When I was 6 years old life has given me two choices: to give up or trust myself and follow my dreams. In one night I lost my conscious and stopped breathing. For years I was kept on treatments that were stronger than a kid could handle being told that I’m not gonna survive. I was pulled away from so many dreams and pushed very hard to keep up with everything: from bully, emotional abuse to feelings of not fiting in.

Despite all, I knew inside of me that there was light. It was something bigger than me & I refused to believe that would be my life

So I did everything to change my circumstances and transform my emotions and my mind. By age 13 I had read all self-help books that came to my hands and became obsessed with changing my mindset, overcome limiting beliefs, believe in myself, love myself and this is how a miracle happened. I healed myself and turned my life from a shy and insecure girl into who I am today.

That day I took a decision, the decision to never give up on my dreams & help people do the same

THAT DAY My love for the human mind has been born and suddenly I became the advisor for everyone around me.

I dreamt to become a coach and a creative, so I became one. I turned my career around from a city planner, real estate consultant to a sales and business development strategist, to a brand team leader and brand expert to support my dreams and finally become who I always knew I’m meant to be. Today I’m living my purpose, sharing my message, making an impact and while working with clients I love. I followed my passions and became 3 x the Award Winner of Brand competitions that took me from Romania to Germany to Los Angeles while helping Grammy Award Stars and Forbes leaders build and grow their brands and now I'm here to help you do the same.

Fun facts: I’m an ENFJ, 50% right brained, 50% left brained and clients say that I'm an expert on seeing people to the core, helping them uncover the layers to become who they were created to be. When I'm not solving branding puzzles and transforming minds, I'm probabaly out to make new friends, play with cats, watch a magic show, enjoy a comedy or play biliard and darts with the guys. 

So if you’re saying cool, I want to learn from this girl, coninue reading


It's my mission to help you transform your life and brand, so you can step into the inspiring leader that you were born to become


My clients get results in both life and business, doing work from the inside out. Some of the results are:

  • From Photographer to Life Coach -> going from isolated and disconnected brand to aligned brand story and connected to their audience

  • From Musician to Creative Entrepreneur & Coach ->  going from stuck to unlocking  the essence of who they are, and manifesting a new aligned biz.

  • From Multi-passionate Entrepreneur to Coach -> going from multi-passionate entrepreneurs discover their purpose and  WHY behind their business

  • From Transformational Coach to Relationship Coach -> going from doubtful and scared in business to closing sells with confidence and ease

  • From Hobby Performer to International Singer -> going from stuck and unclear dreams and goals to changing their destiny to pursue their dreams

  • From Urban Planner to Graphic Designer -> going from stuck between passion and a 9-5 job to starting a passion business and quitting their job

  • From struggling Entrepreneur to CEO -> going from unclear on the brand message to a new brand message aligned and reaching their audience