Designers, photographers, performers, coaches and other passionate souls  


Do you struggle TO attract the right clients to your brand,  thOSe Clients that WANT TO pay you what you worth, those who appreciate and get you?


LET ME ASK YOU THIS: Does any of these sound like you? 

1. You are the hustling creative connector - you’re juggling with your passions, catching every networking event, cold calling and sending emails to potential clients just to find your next client to pay your bills

  • you are passionate, you do great work, but aren’t paid what you worth and are trading hours for dollars
  • you feel frustrated that no matter how much you work you still can’t figure out a way to attract enough clients to be able to quit your job or grow your business

3. You are the burned out creative star - you feel isolated, want more balance, dreaming to get out from the shadows, stand out and be known as an expert in your field while living a life you love filled with travel, connection, and rewards  

  • you are working crazy hours, but your clients don’t really get you or see you the way you wish they'd see you
  • you have clients, but you don’t feel fulfilled anymore, looking to realign your business with your lifestyle and bring a bigger impact

2. You are the overwhelmed creative student - you’re a service-based  creative or an aspiring one learning everything you can about marketing, business, branding, but you feel confused and stuck 

  • you’re watching webinars, get on online classes, but you still can’t figure out a way to attract the right clients to your brand
  • you might have invested in social media or business coaches, but are still spinning your wheels because the teachings don’t apply for your type of business or your values

Are you thinking: wow, I thought things would be better by now, I thought things would get easier and my life would look different.

If you feel like that, you are not alone, so keep reading because...